Weather that fits YOU

"Weather It!" makes it fun and easy to know how your weather is changing day-to-day and if it’s colder or warmer so you can dress accordingly.

It provides you with a custom fit between the weather and what to wear in the coming days. You can’t control the weather, but you can control how comfortable you'll feel each day with Weather It!  it's not just easy - it's fun!

Awesome Features

Weather It! has been designed to be designed by you!  It learns your feelings, your moods and personal style, so you not only feel good, you look great, too!  We've included many interesting and wonderful features in this app for you to discover and use to your advantage!

Learns your likes and dislikes

Our "weather analysis feature" is what makes our app stand out from other weather apps available on the market.
This is because you'll be engaged in the process of teaching your app to understand your feelings and preferences about the weather on daily basis.

Temperature Comparison

A simple but very useful feature that will calculate the difference between yesterday’s and today’s weather so you'll know if it’s colder or warmer, so you can dress accordingly. It also includes wind, wind-chill and humidity data to keep you from underdressing or overdressing when you go outside!  Weather It! tells you if it's way too chilly or just too hot!

Weather Sense

As you tell "Weather It" your weather reactions, it learns every day from you what you like to wear in different outdoor situations.  This learning process of your "weather feelings" becomes a personalized weather suggestion that "Weather It!" will tell you every day.

Helps you to pick out what to wear

You'll get custom tips for “what to wear” each day based on your own preferences. By telling Weather It! about your selection of personal clothing, it knows what you need to pick out to wear to feel very comfortable all day long.

Weather it!
Stylish backgrounds adaptive to weather conditions
Stylish backgrounds adaptive to weather conditions

No more boring weather app information to look at!  We've designed beautiful and intriguing, ever-changing backgrounds, according to temperature and time of the day.

Intuitive gestures controls
Intuitive gestures controls

We've included tutorials of how various buttons work while first launching the app. It’s fun and easy to use (and it just might become your best friend!).

Full customization to suit your preferences
Full customization to suit your preferences

All our smart weather app will need to know are your preferred units and gender. The rest of the data inputs are personalized to fit your needs and style.

Send us your feedback

Share your emotions of using Weather It! Are you happy using our personalized weather app or you have suggestions for improvement – tell us!